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Customer Billing Cycle:

The water meter reading cycle generally starts the 25th of the month and ends around the 22nd of the following month, depending on weather, weekends, holidays, etc. Bills are generally mailed on the 24th of the month and due by the 9th of the following month, also depending on the circumstances previously stated.

Note: Due to the extended time required for the billing process, we do not carry a balance forward from the previous month. Therefore, to avoid late fees or disconnection, please call our office by the 30th of the month for your balance, if you have not received a bill.

Billing Policy:

A 5% late fee is added to the bill on the day after the due date. Final collection notices are mailed to customers owing on the 11th day after the due date as a reminder to pay before disconnection. The collection notice reflects an initial penalty of $5.00 if payed by the date indicated, followed by an additional $10.00 penalty for payments received after the $5.00 grace period and before the disconnection date. Reconnection of delinquent accounts will require a payment of $65.00 plus past and present bills. Failure to pay disconnected accounts two weeks after the disconnection date will result in termination of the account and the deposit will be applied to the unpaid balance. Restoration of services from account closure due to unpaid balances will require payment of a new deposit plus all unpaid balances.

Payments received in the drop box between 4:30 p.m. and 7:59 a.m. the following day are posted to the account using the date prior to midnight between those times. Online payments made before 10:59 p.m. will be posted to the account on the next business day.

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